Four Mushroom Complex


Four Mushroom Complex: 120 vegetarian capsules, 40 day supply

We have created this blend using some of the most potent mushroom extracts in the world. We have included only the most widely researched & acclaimed mushrooms to make sure you actually benefit from each and every one of them. 

  • Supports focus & performance
  • Lowers stress & inflammation
  • Adaptogenic herbs restore your natural, balanced state
  • Provides strong immune support
  • Made from organic, wild mushrooms.
  • Superb potency – our extract is heavily concentrated (20:1) 
  • Tested & free of heavy metals & contamination

Contains more than 38% third-party verified, active components, including beta-glucans, terpenes, erinacines, hericenones, polyphenols, ganoderic acid, cordycepin, adenosine, uridine, triterpenes and betulinic acid. Check our other listings for certified lists of active constituents of each mushroom. 


Our extracts have been made using only the fruiting bodies of the mushroom to make sure there are no fillers – gluten, starch or other additives. This is a dual extract which means that all active constituents are highly concentrated and bioavailable.

The daily recommended dose is 3 capsules (1260 mg). When you buy it in powder form you can add it to coffee, cocoao, smoothies and also use it in cooking to add some unique sweet flavor which we would describe as “dusty caramel”.

Learn more about the benefits of this amazing blend.


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