Lion's Mane


Lion’s Mane 90 vegetarian capsules, 45 day supply.

If you are serious about personal development, growth and making the most of your time in life, then you deserve the best. Lion’s Mane is the worlds #1 natural nootropic (brain enhancer). This is the world’s most potent commercially available Lions Mane extract.

  • Improves memory & focus
  • Improves your natural ability to learn & acquire new information
  • Increases energy levels & reduces stress
  • Provides strong immune support
  • Superb potency – our extract is heavily concentrated (20:1) which means a very high concentration of active components
  • Tested & free of heavy metals & contamination, so you can be sure you are not harming yourself in any way.

Our extracts have been made using organic fruiting bodies, pure mycelium &  primordia of the mushroom to make sure there are no fillers – gluten, starch or other additives. This is a dual extract which means that all active constituents are highly concentrated and bioavailable.

We all want to grow and achieve personal, creative & financial freedom. We also want to stop procrastinating, focus on the really important goals, and in the end of the day have a relaxed moment with friends & loved ones. There is no one-pill-cures-it-all solution. But if you share the same values and want to enjoy a natural mental boost, Lions Mane might be the right supplement to help you. And if you are going to give this mushroom a chance, make sure you pick the best product.

Learn more about the benefits of this amazing mushroom together with references to all the recent scientific research.

All Certificates of Analysis are available here.


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